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Softskill Bahasa Inggris

Nama                   :  Dinny Erista
Kelas / NPM        :  4EA03 / 10208386
Tugas                   : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 ( Tenses Chart)

  1.   While she was trying to read, her friend was practising the piano.
  2.  He has been buying several jerseys in the last two years.
  3.   She will bone the meat later.
  4.    By the time you get there they have already left.
  5.   I was drawing but no body saved me.
  6.   He said that she had not returned the book yet.
  7.    What are you darning at the moment?
  8.    She thinks her husband will buy a new fridge.
  9.    How much you spent in London so far?
  10.   In a month’s time i learned more words than ever.
  11.   After he saw the giraffe he spoke to the keeper.
  12.   He was buying weed killer when they arrested him.
  13.   The plumbing always gives trouble during the summer.
  14.   The trout was rising when they reached the lake.
  15.   Do you recognise this statue?
  16.   They say that they will not performed tomorrow.
  17.   What have you been doing since your last recital?
  18.   As it rained he put up is umbrella.
  19.   They heard beethoven better conducted earlier in the year.
  20.   What is going on have? 
  21.  I only have just realized what she meant.
  22.   I will never plant crocuses again.
  23.   Were you enjoying ypurself when i saw you at the party?
  24.   I will be to the zoo and going while they are still talking about visiting it.
  25.   She docked at Tilbury last week.
  26.   He always accelerates too quickly.
  27.   Do you hear that awful noise?
  28.   By the time the brigade arrived, the house has collapsed.
  29.   I saw a new type of windscreen wiper while i was walking round the exhibition yesterday.
  30.   They have been waiting to take off since ten this morning.
  31.   She shot at least three tigers in India last year.
  32.   We saw what we have seen.
  33.   He heard an owl hooting as he walked through the wood.
  34.   They have been producing a hundred shirts every day for two months now.
  35.   Where were you going when i bumped into you?
  36.   Who told the grasshopper to dance? The ant in the fable did.
  37.   They were high heels every day last term.
  38.   Waht do you do with a gun in you car?
  39.   He still doesn’t found his watch.
  40.   I have lived there several years before i found the nest.
  41.   When did it sting him?
  42.   She likes cockles . Naturally she prefer lobster.
  43.   Dragon flies had very beautiful wing.  
  44.   Time and tide waiting for no man, the saying run.
  45.   I bought some new pruners the other day.
  46.   The girl in the pay box seldom smiles nowdays.
  47.  The moment he opened the boot the spare wheel fell out.
  48.   To many cooks spoiled the broth.
  49.   He left Italy by plane yesterday.

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Selasa, 24 April 2012

Sertifikat seminar Pajak

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Senin, 16 April 2012

Sertifikat Seminar "Islamic Capital Maket"

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Minggu, 08 April 2012

Artikel Kesehatan Wanita

Penyebab-penyebab Amenorrhoe (tidak haid sama sekali)

1.Hymen imperforata, yaitu selaput dara tidak berlubang. Sehingga darah menstruasi terhambat untuk keluar. Mengatasinya dengan operasi untuk melubangi selaput dara.
2. Menstruasi anovulatoire, yaitu rangsangan hormon-hormon yang tidak mencukupi untuk membentuk lapisan dinding rahim, hingga tidak terjadi haid atau hanya sedikit. Pengobatannya berupa terapi hormon.
3.Amenorrhoea sekunder, biasanya penderita sudah pernah mens sebelumnya. Penyebabnya si individu menderita hipotensi, anemia, infeksi, atau kelemahan kondisi tubuh secara umum. Stres dan tekanan psikologis juga dapat menyebabkan hal ini.

In English =>

The causes
Amenorrhoe (no menstruation at all)

1.Hymen imperforate, that is not perforated hymen. So obstructed menstrual blood to exit. Operations to cope with the hole in the hymen.
2. Anovulatoire menstruation, the stimulation of hormones is insufficient to form the lining of the uterus, until menstruation does not occur or only slightly. Treatment of hormone therapy.
3.Amenorrhoea secondary, usually the patient has had previous menses. The cause of the individual suffering from hypotension, anemia, infection, or weakness in general body condition. Stress and psychological stress can also cause this.

Cara Mengatasi Nyeri Perut Saat Menstruasi

1. Mandi dengan menggunakan air hangat. Akan lebih baik bila ditambah aroma terapi untuk relaksasi.
2. Kompres perut atau pinggang yang nyeri dengan botol hangat.
3. kurangi mengonsumsi minuman dingin. Gantilah dengan minuman hangat dan mengandung kalsium tinggi.
4. Ketika berbaring, ambil posisi menungging sehingga rahim menghadap ke bawah. Hal ini dapat membantu relaksasi.
5. Tarik napas dalam dan perlahan untuk relaksasi.
6. Bila nyeri tidak tertahankan, minumlah analgetik (obat penghilang rasa sakit) dengan dosis tidak lebih dari tiga kali sehari.

In English =>>

How to Cope with Abdominal Pain When Menstruation

A. Bath with warm water. It would be better if the added aroma therapy for relaxation.
2. Compress the abdomen or back troubles with the bottle warmer.
3. reduce cold drink. Replace it with a hot drink and high calcium.
4. When lying down, take a position so that the uterus menungging down. This can aid in relaxation.
5. Inhale deeply and slowly for relaxation.
6. If the pain is unbearable, take analgesics (painkillers) at a dose of not more than three times a day.


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Tugas 2. Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama : Dinny Erista

Kelas / NPM : 4EA03 / 10208386

Tugas : Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 ( Exercise 4 ,

Exercise 10 and Exercise 11)

Exercise 4:

1. Jason’s father bought him a bycicle that he had wanted for his birthday.
The Statue of Library was a gift of friendship from a France to an United States.
Rita is studying English and math this semester.
The judge asked a witness to tell the truth.
Please give me cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
The big books on the table are for my history class.
No one in the Spanish class knew correct answer to Mrs. Perez’s question.
My car is four years old and it still runs well.
When you go to the store, please buy a bottle of chocolate milk and dozen oranges.
There are only a few seats left or tonight’s musical at university.
John and Marcy went to school yesterday and then studied i the library before returning before.
The Lake Erie is one of Great Lake in the Notrh America.
On our trip to Spain, we crossed an Atlantic Ocean.
The Mount Russhmore is the site of magnificient tribute to the four Great American presidents.
What did you eat for breakfast this morning ?
Louie played basketball and baseball at the Boy’s Club this year.
Rita plays a violin and her sister plays a guitar.
While we were in Alaska, we saw Eskimo village.
Phil can’t go to the movies tonight because he has to write an essay.
David attended the Princeton University.
Harry has been admitted to the School of Medicine at midwestern university.
Mel ‘s grandmother is in the hospital, so we went to visit her last night.
The political science class is taking trip to Soviet Union in the spring.
The Queen Elizabeth II is monarch of the Great Britain.
The Declaration of Independent was drawn up in 1776.
Scientists hope to send an expedition to the Mars during 1980s.
Last night there was a bird singing outside my house.
The chair that you are sitting in is broken.
The Civil War was fought in the United States between 1861 and 1865.
The Florida State University is smaller than the University of Florida.

Exercise 10:

1. John a long with twenty friends, is planning a party.
The picture of the soldiers bring back many memories.
The quality of these recordings is not very good.
If the duties of these officers aren’t reduced, there will not be enough time to finish the project.
The effects of cigarette smoking have been proven to be extremely harmful.
The use of credit cards in place of cash have increased rapidly in recent years.
Advertisements on television are becoming more competitive than ever before.
Living expenses in this country, as well as in many others, are at an all-time high.
Mr. Jones, accompanied by several members of the committe has proposed some change of the rules.
The levels of intoxication varies from subject to subject.

Exercise 11:

1. Neither bill nor Mary is going to the play to night.
Anything is better than going to another movie tonight.
Skating is becoming more popular every day.
A number of reporters were at the conference yesterday.
Everybody who has a fever must go home immediatelly.
Your glasses was on the bureau last night.
There were some people at the meeting last night.
The committee has already reached a decision.
A pair of jeans were in the washing machine this morning.
Each student has answered the first three questions.
Either John or his wife makes breakfast each morning.
After she had perused the material, he secretary decided that everything was in order.
The crowd at the basketball game was wild with excitement.
A pack of wild dogs have frightened all the duck away.
The jury is trying to reach a decision.
The army has eliminated this section of the training test.
The number of students who have withdrawn from class this quarter are appaling.
There have been too many interruptions in this class.
Every elementary school teacher has to take this examination.
Neither jill nor her parents have seen this movie before.
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